Protecting the Environment with Proper Manure Application

Greg Brenneman, Field Specialist-Ag Engineering, Southeast Area

Problem Statement: 

Improper or over application of manure can lead to environmental problems of excess nutrient loss to surface waters, runoff carrying sediment and organic material, or spills of manure directly entering surface water.  Large livestock producers (primarily swine producers) need continuing instruction credits in order to renew their manure applicator permits.  

Programmatic Response: 

Manure Applicator Certification meetings were conducted in 18 locations in southeast Iowa during January and February of 2007 reaching 383 producers.  In addition to required materials on rules and land application, information was provided to participants on soil testing, manure management planning, and implementation of the phosphorous index. 


End of meeting evaluations (N=217) showed 61% of respondents planned to implement a soil testing program as a result of the training and 80% of the respondents indicated they will implementing the P-Index in their MMPs.  Also, as a result of past training session, 77% reported taking manure samples for nutrient analysis and 39% decreased application rates.  Even though most producers came only because "they had to" for the applicator certification, 91% indicated they received information that was useful for their farm operation.

April 18, 2007
160 - Natural Resources and Stewardship


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