Sharing Information: Southeast Iowa Snouts and Tails Newsletter

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Tom Miller – ISUE Swine Field Specialist

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150 Iowa Pork Industry Center

Sharing Information: Southeast Iowa Snouts and Tails Newsletter

Swine producers and allied industries have a need for reliable, unbiased information concerning and relating to the swine industry in Iowa.  With increased time restrictions and postage rates it is challenging for ISUE Swine Specialists to meet producer’s needs. 

Mark Storlie and Tom Miller, Swine Field Specialists located in Northeast and Southeast Iowa, respectively have worked together to publish an electronic newsletter addressing producers needs/concerns.  Each newsletter is specific to the area of the State served with several articles affecting the swine industry as well as a calendar of events for that area.

Area producers can be contacted on very short timeline as to events/concerns happening within the industry.  Producers receive six to eight newsletters each year electronically, usually including one or two very short e-alert messages alerting producers to an industry issue or event.


The electronic newsletter is currently sent to about 325 area producers and allied swine industry personnel.  Feedback has been very positive with producers sharing that they appreciate the articles included which are very timely to their operations.  Each year emails are received from producers asking for their names to be added to Snouts and Tails list so they too can receive the communication.


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