Pork Quality Assurance Plus Training

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Tom Miller – ISUE Swine Field Specialist

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150 Iowa Pork Industry Center

Pork Quality Assurance Plus Training

Swine producers are challenged to meet food quality and welfare standards expected of them by pork consumers.  Some consumer activist groups have questioned the welfare of how pigs are treated and housed in modern confinement systems.  In addition, some feel that shortcuts have been taken at the expense of food safety. 

In response the National Pork Board developed a program called Pork Quality Assurance Plus.  The food safety component (Pork Quality Assurance) in existence since 1988 addressed food safety issues involving chemical, physical, and biological contamination of pork.  The Swine Welfare Assurance program also existed to address the concerns of animal welfare.  These two programs were updated and rolled into one program.

Advisor (Educators) for the program must meet strict requirements to be able to become advisors including background education, years of experience in the industry, training and successful test completion.

Certification classes were held for pork producers.

In the past year, 13 training sessions were held with 206 producers in attendance.  Producers have become aware of the issues facing the swine industry and many have made the decision to complete a Pork Quality Assurance Site Assessment which is the next step in the welfare assessment part of the training. 

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