EPA Reporting Requirement Workshop Response

David Stender, Swine Field Specialist; Kris Kohl, Ag Engineering Field Specialist; Dennis DeWitt, Beef Field Specialist; Beth Doran, Beef Field Specialist, Northwest

Problem Statement:

On Jan 20, 2009 EPA issued a statement that exempted small livestock operations from reporting air emissions of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.   Many larger operations erroneously thought this statement was a deadline date for them to report – resulting in over 1700 Iowa operations responding via telephone.  The problem was that the follow-up paper work was due within 30 days of the reporting phone call.  Unfortunately the EPA forms were written for large factories and were not user friendly for Iowa family farmers.  As we found out at the workshop, the forms that producers tried to fill out were incomplete and incorrect and the producers were frustrated.

Programmatic Response: 

First to respond within 30 days required active planning and promotion at a time of year where staff schedules were already full.  Four locations were scheduled, a promotion brochure developed and distributed, news release, radio tapes and posters were made and distributed.   Then intense self study in-service training was required to prepare for the workshops.  Farmer friendly input forms were found from the University of Nebraska, a GPS locator was identified on the Internet, we practiced calculating the emissions from the in-depth mathematical formula on the input form, looking up the correct emission numbers from the tables and appendixes on the input form, found the local emergency management contact information for each county, found the state emergency management contact information and prepared instructions on how to correctly submit the input form.


Forty-five producers attended one of four swine workshops held in Northwest Iowa to help them comply with the Emission Reporting Requirements.  All the workshops were held in less than 30 days from 1/20/09.  Some of the producers have tried to fill out the forms by themselves, but had erroneous results; these were helped to find the correct inputs.  Others had not tried to fill out the forms, they were also assisted. 

A follow-up survey was sent on line after the meeting to a subset of the participants (n=15) to give us an idea about how important this workshop was to them, to date 5 have replied.  Sixty percent said the workshop was very beneficial, forty percent said beneficial.  Sixty percent thought it was helpful to fill out the proper form; and needed help finding the GPS coordinates; all needed help calculating the estimated emissions.  Forty percent were assisted in finding contact information and sixty percent needed instructions on where and how to send in the input forms.

Sixty percent of the responding sampling of participants said the workshop was absolutely necessary, the remainder simply said yes the workshop was necessary for their compliance with the emission reporting requirement by the EPA.


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