Summer Swine Seminar

David Stender, Swine Field Specialist, Northwest

Problem Statement:

Reproductive efficiency and management ideas and strategies are critical to success in today’s competitive swine operations.  AI management, handling semen, learning to do more with less, artificial insemination techniques and day to day management are all key.

Programmatic Response: 

A summer swine conference was held in Sioux City to address common swine management issues as outlined in the problem statement.


Important ideas report as learned from the program include:

Semen care.

Motivate employees; attitudes; fine tuning.

Take the “5”test.

Relationship between FR/estras.

Return/BA on troubleshooting.

Hours of highest % of sow feed intake.

Reproduction of the sows, length of time of mummies/stillborn’s, feed intake of lactating sows.

Stender strategies.

Many of the troubleshooting & management ideas were great.

Value of corn to ethanol producers and value to through put relative to net margins.

Levis said let employees think for themselves.

Reproductive problem solving.

Semen temperature.

Records-utilize them. 

Freshest semen on second breeding service.

Market forces with Dave.

Importance of using collected data, the days of the estrus cycle.

Changes in swine herd management participants plan to implement as a result of this seminar:

Walk barns different way, temps every day.

More employee meetings to discuss changes.

Observe more.

Breeding gestation management sow herd inventory.

Get more sow unit employees to attend.

Make data more accessible to workers. Find new help.

Better heat checking.

Some semen storage changes.

Timing and use of semen relative to age.

Cost analysis relative to expected net margins.

Use a high-low thermo in semen cooler. 

Twenty three participants estimated the financial benefit to their operations $76200 averaging $3313 benefit per operation.    


150 - Iowa Pork Industry Center

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