Advanced Swine Management Conference

David Stender, Swine Field Specialist, Northwest

Problem Statement:  

Proper swine management is key to profitability and competitive position of swine producers in NW Iowa.

Programmatic Response: 

A major swine conference was held to address common swine management issues.


The program was held and attended by 65 producers.  Several months later a follow-up survey was sent out and returned by 21 producers, the following is their reply to the survey:

These are the management areas the producers remembered that they had learned:

The documented changes from the survey sent out months after the original program includes the following:

Ten operations have used some general information from seminar to make more informed herd management decisions.

Six have implemented management factors to improve reproductive performance that has changed the performance level of the sow herd.     

Seven implemented a change in management in the reproductive area           

Nine operations have changed the way they management replacement gilts 

One herd health program has changed.   

One change in a feeding program has been implemented

Six operations have made adjustments impacting sow longevity

Average benefit from the meeting reported by 9 operations averaged $2700.      


150 - Iowa Pork Industry Center

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