Economic Impact of Swine Facilities

Terry L. Steinhart, Swine Field Specialist, Southeast area


Many of Iowa’s rural areas are in need of economic development.  One industry that continues to grow is the swine industry. There is a lot of controversy about swine facilities when a producer decides to build a swine building Many times the only information the public hears is negative.  What is the economic impact of swine operations on communities?


A spreadsheet, Economic Impact of Swine Operations, tool is designed to highlight the dynamic income and expense activities created by pork production farms. While it is known that swine farms are very diverse in their operations and regions of influence, it must be recognized that a great amount of economic activity is generated from new farm construction and daily operation.  As a means to quantify these impacts, the spreadsheet tool provides categorical revenue and expense components that highlight significant economic impacts in the local and regional communities. 


Benchmarks are provided throughout the spreadsheet as guidelines for construction costs and annual inputs where potential for new operational growth is considered. All numbers utilized as benchmarks are estimates and should be viewed aptly. All inputs and resulting output are included as an annual expense or revenue.

This spreadsheet is intended for use by producers and supporters of swine production facilities to educate the public on the economic value of swine operations.  It is designed for use by contractors or producers in farrow to finish operations or any part of these units.  The spreadsheet was designed by Terry Steinhart, Colin Johnson and Tom Miller.  The National Pork Board is now taking this spreadsheet and will distribute it nationwide.


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