4-H Conference

Terry L. Steinhart, Swine Field Specialist, Southeast area


The Iowa State 4-H office sent out a request for workshop proposals for the 2008 4-H Conference. The Iowa Pork Industry Center (IPIC) proposed workshops to help 4-H members and leaders consider the quality of pork. The three workshops proposed was “Fire up the Grill”, “The Marvelous Pig – What Makes Them Spark”, and “Your Senses – They Ignite the Flame”.  Planning committee members include Sherry Hoyer, IPIC Media Specialist, Terry Steinhart, Larry McMullen, and Jerry Weiss.


Three workshops were developed and presented in June during the Iowa 4-H Conference.  Each session had a PowerPoint presentation, lecture or video, and a hands-on approach was used.  “Fire Up The Grill” was a workshop on examining different pork cuts, their cooking qualities, and value. “The Marvelous Pig – What Makes Them Spark” taught students how a pig thinks and can be handled properly. “Your Senses – They Ignite The Flame” workshop focused on picking out good pork quality and how your senses perceive flavor.


Seventy-five 4-H members and adult leaders attended the three workshops. On a scale of 1 to 5 with one being poor and 5 excellent, all workshops were rated 4.11 or better on fun, informative, interesting, and interactive.  On rating for informative, all workshops were rated a 4.68 or higher.  Some of the comments were; “The pork tasting was awesome”, “Loved the amount of food”, “Pork is awesome”, “This is great. It kept everyone engaged”!


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