Swine Producers Protect the Environment through Manure Management and Mortality Disposal Planning

Kris Kohl, Ag Engineering Field Specialist and Dave Stender, Swine Field Specialist, Northwest

Problem Statement:

Swine operations have to deal with two unpleasant tasks, manure management and mortality disposal.  Improperly managing these two components can lead to environmental damage, while good stewards can profit from good management. 

Programmatic Response:

Iowa State University developed a 2 hour education program to help producers calculate the value of manure compared to commercial fertilizer. The program reported on current manure research and presented information on protecting the environment.  Testing manure allows producers to apply manure to maximize crop production while minimizing any adverse environmental impacts.  This year’s program also included a discussion on emergency mortality management. 


Manure management and mortality disposal are important operations on our swine farms.  If they are not done properly they cause odors, attract and breed flies, and can degrade the environment.  Properly using the manure to supply fertilizer needs of the crop can improve the profitability of an integral farming operation.  There were 566 producers who returned evaluations for the manure applicator certification program.

The results of the program were:


150 - Iowa Pork Industry Center

160 - Natural Resources & Stewardship

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