Pork Quality Assurance Plus

Terry L. Steinhart, Field Specialist-Swine, Southeast Area


Producers need a workable, credible and affordable solution to assure food safety and animal care for consumers.  The pork industry needs to be in a position to demonstrate to its customers the commitment of the industry to provide the best possible care for its animals.  Producers need to maintain market access. Harvest companies are currently requiring producers to be certified in PQA Plus.  Producers need to have a PQA Plus certified Advisor conduct a 2 hour program for personal PQA Plus certification.


Meetings were set up in the Central Iowa Area every other month to certify producers.  This program helped meet the needs of customers including restaurants, food retailers and consumers wanting a safe supply of pork.  Six meetings were held from August of 2007 until March of 2008.


Since this certification process has started 280 producers have been certified in the Central Iowa Area and Southeast Iowa area.  All producers attending these sessions have been certified and registered on the National Pork Board web site.  This number of producers represents over a 1.5 million pigs sold.


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