4-H Conference Swine Workshops

Terry L. Steinhart, Field Specialist-Swine, Southeast Area


The Iowa State 4-H office sent out a request for workshop proposals for the 2007 4-H Conference. The Iowa Pork Industry Center (IPIC) proposed workshops to help 4-H members and leaders consider the quality of pork.  The three workshops proposed were Picking Perfect Pork, Going Whole Hog: getting into the mid and body of the marvelous pig, and What Your Five Senses Tell You About Pork Products.  Planning committee members included Sherry Hoyer, IPIC Media Specialist; Terry Steinhart, Larry McMullen, Jerry Weiss, and Dave Stender, Swine Field Specialists.


Three workshops were developed and presented in June during the Iowa 4-H Conference.  Each session had a Power Point presentation, lecture or video and then a hands-on approach was used.  Picking Perfect Pork was a workshop on examining different pork cuts, their cooking qualities, and value.  Going Whole Hog taught students how a pig thinks and can be handled properly.  The Five senses workshop focused on picking out good pork quality and how your senses perceive flavor.


75 4-H members and adult leaders attended the three workshops.  On a scale of 1 to 5 with one being poor and 5 excellent, all workshops were rated 4.38 or better on fun, informative, interesting, and interactive.  On rating for informative, two workshops were rated a 5 and the other one a 4.91.  Some of the comments were; I liked how the workshop let us actually be the taste testers; Great topic, thanks to all the great presenters; Very interesting; I thought it was awesome; Had a lot of fun getting out with the pigs; I loved the instructors! Best workshop I had.


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