Development of Selection Tools Assists Producers World-Wide

Ken Stalder, Faculty, Animal Science


The second largest reason for sow removal from commercial swine breeding herds is lameness or feet and leg soundness. However, workers on most commercial farms have little if any background in selecting replacements that have ideal feet and leg soundness and reproductive soundness. This is the case in Iowa, the US, and throughout the world.


Develop a variety of tools used to help train workers on the ideal feet and leg soundness of replacement gilts.


A powerpoint presentation on feet and leg soundness has been developed for use by educators and company training representatives. Further, the related training posters have been translated into a total of 6 different languages for use world-wide. Requests for personalized trainings have come from U.S. integrated producers and from producers groups throughout the world.


Presentations made to over 1000 producers and technicians. Additionally, this powerpoint presentation has been made available to several swine integrators for their customized use including a single integrator that will impact over 1 million sows annually. Further, posters developed on this topic have been translated into 6 different languages with preparations to translate into 2 additional languages in the upcoming year. These posters have been distributed to over 100,000 producers / technicians world-wide.


150 – Iowa Pork Industry Center

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