Southeast Iowa Snouts and Tails Newsletter

Tom Miller, Field Specialist-Swine, Southeast Area


Swine Producers and agribusiness people have a need for reliable, unbiased information concerning pork production in Iowa.  With time restrictions and postage rates it is difficult for swine specialists to meet producers needs.


Mark Storlie and Tom Miller, Swine Field Specialists located in Northeast and Southeast Iowa, respectively have worked together to electronically publish a newsletter concerning issues within the pork industry.  Editions normally include several articles as well as calendar of events for the pork industry in Iowa.  Each area edition is specific to clientele within the area.


-      Producers receive 4-6 publications per year updating them on current research relating to their operations.

-      Southeast Iowa Edition is sent to approximately 240 producers with each edition.

April 24, 2008

150  Iowa Pork Industry Center

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