Manure Management Plan Writers

Tom Miller, Field Specialist-Swine, Southeast Area


Swine producers in Southeast Iowa who produce pigs in confinement production systems exceeding 500 animal units are required by the State of Iowa to submit a phosphorus based manure management plan.  A manure management plan requires in-depth background knowledge of both soil/crop needs as well as livestock production issues.  All manure plans previously filed will need to be updated to the p-index standard on the first renewal following August 2008.  There have been insufficient numbers of service providers in Southeast Iowa to fulfill the needs of clients.


Iowa State University Extension staff working with 3 potential service providers in Southeast Iowa initially tried to set up a manure plan writing service using RC&D monies to fund the business.  During further discussions it was decided that the three service plan providers would each like to start up their own business.  ISU Extension Staff  provide guidance for all three entrepreneurs answering technical questions and providing support.


- Providers have worked with producers in gathering data, sampling soil and manure, calculating P-index, calculating RUSLE2, and preparing manure plans.

- Three part-time jobs have been created for the Southeast Iowa area.

- Sixty-seven swine confinement feeding operations in Southeast Iowa are more environmentally friendly.  They are able to better utilize all animal nutrients than previously.

September 20, 2007  

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