Working With the Youth Program

Jerry Weiss, Field Specialist-Swine, Northwest

Problem Statement:

One of the areas in program planning that I work in as a Swine Field Specialist is the youth component. My goal in working with the youth is two fold. One is to show these young people how important livestock and crop production is to the world. How are we going to continue to feed the growing population unless today's youth take an active roll in livestock and crop production. Agriculture is a broad field with a wide variety of job opportunities for today's youth to pursue.

In order to be successful in Agriculture Production the youth must be well educated. This ties in with my second goal which is recruitment to ISU in the Ag sector. By my being a good roll model in my teaching, and working with the youth, I hope to take a step closer to fulfilling the two goals listed above.

Programmatic Response:

ISU Extension has a very strong 4-H Program. Working through this program, I am able to make face-to-face contacts with youth and use this contact as a teachable moment. The programs that I work with are as follows:

Impact/Outcome: April 2007
150 Iowa Pork Industry Center

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