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Terry Steinhart, Livestock Field Specialist; Barbara Anderson, Family Nutrition and Health Field Specialist; Vera Stokes, Family Nutrition and Health Field Specialist; Susie Uthoff, Family Nutrition and Health Field Specialist; Patty Steiner, Family Nutrition and Health Field Specialist; Blanca Gomez-Wittmer, Bilingual Instructor; Jan Temple, Family Nutrition and Health Field Specialist; Southeast Area

Problem/ Situation Statement:

In March of 2003, West Liberty Foods requested food safety training for prospective employees of their newly built food processing facility in Mt. Pleasant.  Having food handlers trained in food safety helps ensure the safety of the product for consumers. 


A team of Iowa State University Extension staff state, area and county developed a three phase food safety program that has been on going since March, 2003.  To date, team members continue to offer training in both English and Spanish. 


During the time period from March, 2006 through February, 2007, 517 individuals received training that assisted them in getting and retaining jobs and building human capital.  Because of their employment, family income was increased thus improving quality of life.  

Maria Bozaan, corporate training manger, West Liberty Foods LLC shared the following, We cant run our business without assuredness of a safe product.  It is necessary for our business and the only way to build trust with our customers.  Everyone employed at the Mount Pleasant Foods has to complete the Iowa State University training class and then is issued a continuing education unit (CEU).  Our employees really need an in-depth understanding of why our standard operating procedures are the way they are.  Having a collaborative relationship with Iowa State University helps our employees apply food safety knowledge in the work setting.

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