Pork Workshops for Iowa 4-H Conference

Larry K. McMullen, Swine Field Specialist, Southeast

Problem Statement:

The Iowa 4-H Conference is held annually each year in June on the campus of Iowa State University.  Over the course of years educational workshops have been a part of this conference.  For over five years, the Iowa Pork Industry Center has provided pork workshops for the 4-H conference participants.  These workshops are designed to be informative, interesting, interactive, and fun for the participant.

Programmatic Response:

The 2007 4-H Conference was held on June 26, 27, and 28th.  The Iowa Pork Industry Center planned and presented three workshops for the participants.  The workshops are ninety minutes in length.  The June 26th workshop Picking Perfect Pork focused on pork quality, selection of pork, and a tour of the ISU meat lab.  The June 27th workshop What Your Five Senses Tell You About Pork Products included a discussion and demonstration on how smell, sight, hearing, taste, and touch affect our perception of taste and choices of food.  Also presented was how food products are developed.  The participants toured the ISU sensory lab and were involved in a taste test of pork loins.  The third workshop Going Whole Hog: Getting into the Mind and Body of the Marvelous Pig was held on June 28th at the ISU swine teaching farm. Ultra-sound scanning for backfat and loin muscle area was demonstrated as well as using ultra-sound equipment for pregnancy checking.  Discussion and participation on how to handle, move, and show pigs were presented.  Live pigs were used throughout the workshop to illustrate the topics as well as each participant had the opportunity to handle and work with a pig.  All workshops were planned and presented by ISU Swine Field Specialists Larry McMullen, Terry Steinhart, and Jerry Weiss as well as IPIC communications specialist Sherry Hoyer.

Impact / Outcome: 

The Picking Perfect Pork workshop had eight participants who rated the workshop 4.63 for fun, 5.00 for informative, 4.63 for interest, and 4.50 for interactive.  The What Your Five Senses Tell You About Pork Products rated the workshop 4.73 - fun, 4.91 - informative, 4.82 - interest, and 4.95 - interactive.  This workshop had 20 youth and 2 adults for a total of 22 participants.  Some comments were I liked how the workshop let us actually be the taste testers, Great topic. Thanks to all the great presenters, I thought it was awesome.  The Going Whole Hog: Getting into the Mind and Body of the Marvelous Pig workshop had eight youth participants and one adult.  They rated the workshop 4.38 - fun, 5.00 - informative, 4.88 - interest, and 5.00 - interactive.  Comments received were I loved the instructors - Best workshop I had!, Had a lot of fun getting out with the pigs, I learned a lot about an animal I dont know much about.  All workshop evaluations were based on a 1 to 5 rating scale.

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