Siting of Swine Facilities to Minimize Odor Concerns

Jay Harmon, Faculty, Ag & Biosystems Engineering and Colin Johnson, P&S, Iowa Pork Industry Center


The best time to mitigate odors from swine facilities is before construction.   Producers need sound advice regarding siting of facilities and the potential for odor impacts on neighbors.


The objective of this work is to utilize the Community Assessment Model, developed under the leadership of Dr. Steve Hoff, to assist and educate swine producers in the proper siting of new facilities in order to foster strong community relations and avoid potential odor nuisance situations.


Through a collaborative effort the Community Assessment Model (CAM) is being used to help producers site new facilities in a way which accounts for size of facilities, local wind incidents, the presence of other livestock in the neighborhood and actual neighbor location.  This project is being done through a collaboration of the Coalition to Support Iowas Farmers (CSIF), the Iowa Pork Industry Center (IPIC) and the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) Department.   Swine producers that are interested in getting advice on siting contact the CSIF and receive an initial screening and educational information on working with neighbors.  If a siting model run is deemed necessary Colin Johnson, (IPIC) does a site visit to gather the necessary information to run the model and to discuss options.  Jay Harmon (ABE) then runs the model and provides the results back to Colin Johnson for him to present to the swine producer.


During the last half of FY07, CAM runs were performed for 22 producers.  A total of 35 runs were performed because some producers asked for multiple options to be evaluated.  The capacity of buildings being proposed by the 22 producers totaled 388,000 finishing pigs.  If an initial investment of $225 per head capacity is assumed, this represents a total investment of $87.3 million.  The siting model (CAM) influenced the placement of these investments, minimizing the potential for disgruntled neighbors and possible legal action.  


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