Cow calf and Feedlot meeting for beef producers

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Russ Euken Extension Livestock Specialist

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140 Iowa Beef Center and all subcategories

Cow calf and Feedlot meeting for beef producers

Three important issues to beef producers are managing higher feed costs, environmental stewardship and overall efficiency of their operations.  Iowa Beef Center has information in all of these areas and delivering it to the producers in a practical and convenient manner is important for producers.

What Did You Do?  
A meeting was organized by ISU Extension in Kossuth County to address both cow calf issues and feedlot issues. ISU Extension had not sponsored a meeting in that area in the last few years.  A sponsor was obtained to help pay for meal costs and local organizations and businesses were contacted to help promote the meeting.


Forty-seven producers and industry representative attended the session. Participants for cow calf and feedlot topics were evenly split. A post meeting survey was used to evaluate knowledge gained and value.

Eight cow calf topic surveys were received and 7 out of 8 producers rated the information on feed costs and nutrition as high or very high in knowledge learned and value gained. Grazing and adding value to feeder calves were rated by 7 out of 8 producers as medium in knowledge gained and value.

There were 19 feedlot surveys returned and 15 out of 19 producers rated the feed cost and nutrition information as high or very high in knowledge gained and value received. 18 out of 19 rated the information on facilities and environmental stewardship as medium or high in knowledge gained and value to them.

Overall when asked to estimate a dollar value of the information 6 cow calf producers said they thought the value was worth $975 in total  and 14 feedlot producers said it was worth $7225 to them.

Specific management changes mentioned included using forage analysis, grinding forage to minimize waste, using more distillers grain, and reconsidering facility changes.


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