Forage Management Programming

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Joe Sellers, Beef Program Specialist

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140  Iowa Beef Center

Forage Management Programming

Beef producers in Iowa have steadily been losing grazing acres to other uses such as row crop production and recreational uses.  Analyzing beef cow production costs has historically found grazing costs to be more economical than stored feed costs.  Summary of the 2000-2004 SPA data found average grazing costs to be $.41 per head per day, while winter feeding costs was $1.09.  Increases in land costs and feedstuffs prices have increased both of those expenses in recent years. Improved management of pastures is a practice that is underutilized that can increase grazing days and reduce costs.

What Did You Do?:
In 2009 – 2010 Sellers has developed several education programs and led several teams working on grazing issues –

Evaluations of the GLCI conference and Pasture Management series indicated high levels of satisfaction with the programs.  Out of state speakers Fred Provenza, Robert Kallenbach, Eddie Funderberg and Russell Stevens added new perspectives to the grazing conference, with had an overall rating of 4.11 on 5 point scale. Over 110 people attended the conference, and requested an annual event of this type.  In 2010 the conference will be in West Des Moines on August 23, 24. The pasture management series was held in five locations, with Robert Kallenbach and Joe Sellers presenting, with an overall rating of 4.33. 


Topic areas suggested by evaluations at these events have resulted in focused programming in 2010. Stakeholder input and cooperation among partners is resulting in more programming, including efforts with IFGC and SIFLC, and proposed grant projects on grazing and wildlife and extended grazing.


140  Iowa Beef Center


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