Greenhorn Grazing

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Byron Leu, Extension Beef Program Specialist

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140 Iowa Beef Center

Greenhorn Grazing

Greenhorn Grazing is an educational program designed for beginning and transitioning graziers interested in optimizing forage and pasture production in their grazing operation.  The course consists of five day-long modules addressing a wide variety of grazing topics.  The program, relevant to all producers of grass-based livestock, was developed to discuss forage production and growth aspects, utilization recommendations, marketing options, and natural resource conservation.  A major goal of the Greenhorn Grazing program is to provide producers with an in-depth, focused curriculum that provides referenced information—followed by a ‘pasture walk’ at a local farm to showcase the topics discussed.

The Greenhorn Grazing became a reality following approval of a Leopold Center grant proposal developed by Andrew Larson and Byron Leu.  A Curriculum Committee of selected producers, agency and industry representatives, and ISU Extension personnel, developed a listing of topics to be addressed in the five proposed Modules.  Dates were finalized and speakers selected.  A reference booklet was also developed by Larson and Leu with the guidance and direction of the Curriculum Committee and respective speakers.  The booklet contains reference information on numerous forage, pasture, and grazing topics.  Each producer enrolled received the reference booklet.

The five module programs were conducted throughout the grazing season from May to December 2009.  Five classroom programs were presented and four pasture walks were conducted (the fifth farm visit was cancelled due to weather conditions).

Over 140 people attended the five modules of the 2009 Greenhorn Grazing program (approximately 29 per module).  The program and educational concept was well received by producers and staff.  

Following are evaluation statements:

These summary statements reflect that an increase of knowledge and new skill set was achieved through the Greenhorn Grazing program.  This process will lead to new practices that hopefully will improve the profit potential of the grazing system.  A follow-up evaluation will be sent to 2009 participants in the summer of 2010.


140 Iowa Beef Center

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