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Denise Schwab, Beef Field Specialist

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140  Iowa Beef Center

Title:  Young Cattlemen Group

Keeping young producers involved in the cattle industry with a strong focus on profitability has been a challenge.  The goal of this program was to establish a core group of young cattlemen, custom design educational programs and discussions to meet their needs, and to serve as a support system to each other.

What Did You Do?:
A key group of 30-40 young cattlemen in Tama, Poweshiek, Benton, and Iowa counties (west group) were invited to participate in the project starting in 2007.  “Young” would be defined as in their 20’s or 30’s.  Sessions are held in the evenings to accommodate those who also have off-farm employment.   A second group was initiated in Clinton, Jackson and Jones counties in 2008 (east group).

The group was directly involved in determining their program needs by use of a typical needs assessment process.  Each meeting consists of a presentation followed by group discussion.    In addition to ISU speakers, local ‘seasoned’ cattlemen will also be used in the next year to help establish a local support system.  Producers will also be encouraged to start keeping SPA records.

Since its inception, 73 producers have participated in one or more of the sessions. A short evaluation was collected in the late summer of 2009 to measure success of the project.  Following are the results.

“I really enjoy hearing from others and seeing what worked for them and how their knowledge can help my operation” and “Knowing that there are young farmers out there.”  These are just two of the comments participants provided for what they believe are the most significant benefits from participating in the Young Cattlemen Project.

Following are the producer impacts from the project proposal and participant responses:



Participants were asked what changes they made as a result of participating in this project?
“I have taken a more serious look at my watershed quality and have made a plan to improve filters and collection of sediments.”  “ A lot of little ones but one big one would be to step back and look at the whole picture and make sure I am doing things right.”  “I changed my marketing plan.”  “Began longer term thinking.”  “Better pasture management & better marketing plans.”  “Controlling manure run off for better quality manure and environmental issues.”

What changes do they plan to make in the future as a result of participating in this project?
“Trying to manage some of the smaller aspects of cattle production that I sometimes overlook.”  “I have never implanted before, but now I am going to.”  “Build a feeding system that increase cattle comfort and better quality cattle.”  “More rotation of pastures.”  “Am planning on renovating pasture that has been in CRP.”

How well did we hit our targets?  Of the 17 participants who completed the final survey:


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