Long Term Storage of Wet Corn Coproducts

Dan Loy, Faculty, Animal Science


In a 2007 Beef Center Survey (see Lain, et al., 2008 Iowa State University Animal Industry Report ASL-R2293) long term storage was identified by 46.5% of beef producers as an issue that limited the usefulness in beef rations.  Wet corn co products have advantages as a low cost per unit feed relative to other feed products.  Marketing of distillers grains in the wet form also has advantages to the ethanol plant in reducing the energy associated with drying.


Develop, evaluate and demonstrate low cost, effective and practical methods of long term storage of high moisture corn co products. 


Long term storage studies and demonstrations were conducted at the McNay Research Farm in Chariton and the Beef Nutrition Farm in Ames.  Field days were held specifically for this project on March 5 for producers and May 16 for veterinarians.  Also, training for the ISU Extension Field Beef Specialists was held on May 17 and the McNay Research Farm.  Results of this project were shared as part of this training.  In addition 64 meetings were held across Iowa where the progress of this project was shared with livestock producers, Veterinarians and Nutritionists.  A total of 2,955 people attended these meetings.  A newsletter was developed to more rapidly share information on feeding, storage and nutrition of distillers’ grains.  This newsletter called “Ethanol Feeds” has gained popularity statewide.  A survey is currently being completed that will be sent to attendees of these meetings and subscribers to the newsletter to assess changes in production practices and knowledge gained.  Results of this project were highlighted in a special wet feeds storage issue of the newsletter which was published in July 2007

Meetings in Iowa (Mason City, Knoxville, Promise City, Mount Ayr, Winterset, Greenfield and Red Oak) and at the annual convention of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association producers were informed of this storage trial and how these products appeared to be keeping.  Several producers following these updates consulted with the investigators on an individual basis and are highly interested in the outcome of these storage trials.

An Educators conference in cooperation with the University of Nebraska, South Dakota State University, Kansas State University and the University of Missouri was held at Mead, NE on May 19-20, 2008. 


Results of this project were presented to nearly 100 Extension Educators from eight states at the Mead conference.  One hundred percent of those responding to a post meeting survey reported moderate to significant improvements in knowledge of the principles of wet distillers’ feeds storage.  Educators at this event indicated that they reach over 12,000 producers and over 1 million head of livestock


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