Beef Producer Tour Features Facility Designs

Beth Ellen Doran, Beef Field Specialist, Northwest Area

Problem Statement:

Hoop, mono-slope or open beef feedlot which is the right facility for a cattle producer?  Feedlot producers are looking to expand their feedlots and are wondering what kind of facility to construct.

Programmatic Response:

This was the big question featured in Cattle Farming Matters a Forum and Feedlot Tour for northwest Iowa cattle feeders and agri-business staff on August 21, 2007.

The program was a cooperative effort of ISU Extension, Iowa Beef Center, the Coalition to Support Iowas Farmers, Iowa Beef Industry Council and Iowa Cattlemens Association.  Over 120 participants listened to sessions on feedlot expansion, funding for cattle facilities, environmental regulations and how to write a comprehensive nutrient management plan.  Noon presentations included How to Be a Beef Advocate, and Beef Quality Assurance and Bio-Security.


The bottom line was that regardless of the type of facility, management is critical for success.  Kent Pruismann, President-Elect of the Iowa Cattlemens Association, stated, Based upon the turnout, there was a lot of interest in the facilities tour.  It was a good tour and a timely program.  While I had researched information about some facility designs, the tour allowed me to actually go into buildings that I couldnt have otherwise.

This tour has helped beef producers responsibly grow their business.  A number of feedlots have added capacity this past year either expanding existing facilities or constructing new deep-bedded barns.

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