Educating Iowa Beef Producers on Economical and Effective Use of Corn Co-products

Dan Loy, Professor, Animal Science


The ethanol industry continues to grow rapidly with Iowa the center of the expansion.  Pressure on grain supplies has increased feed costs while at the same time increasing the availability of corn co-products.  These feeds can reduce ration costs in beef production if purchased, stored and fed correctly.  Research is ongoing that improves the ability to optimally utilize these products. 


To improve Iowa beef producers knowledge of availability of corn co-products.  To improve their ability to effectively and economically utilize these feeds.  To update Iowa beef producers, nutritionists and industry consultants on the current status and research in feeding corn co products to beef cattle.


Information on the economical use of corn co-products and current research information on feeding, storage and nutrition were presented at 64 meetings across Iowa.  New fact sheets and a bi-monthly newsletter were developed and distributed to keep the industry informed of rapid changes occurring in the beef and corn processing sectors.


A total of 2955 producers, nutritionists, veterinarians and industry advisors attended the sessions.  Of those responding to a post-meeting survey, the economic value of the information presented averaged greater than $1,000.  Over 40% of the respondents indicated that they would feed more corn co-products, change how they store corn co-products and evaluate the price paid for corn co-products.  Over 25% indicated that they would use more nutrient analysis of products and evaluate their purchasing method.

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