Management and Use of Corn Co-Products in Beef Operations

Byron Leu, Field Specialist-Livestock, Southeast Area  

Problem Statement: 

Iowas rapidly changing ethanol industry is alive and vibrant.  As this industry expands and grows, so does the amount of available corn co-products for livestock use.  The projected end result of this ethanol expansion phase is monumental amounts of relatively new feedswith limited knowledge of how to price, store, and incorporate these corn co-products in Iowa livestock feeding operations.

Programmatic Response: 

ISU Extension is being proactive in addressing how to utilize these co-products in livestock rations in a safe, cost competitive approach.  This educational process is being accomplished via several methods.  One approach being used by the Iowa Beef Center is coordinating research projects and on-farm demonstrations to learn more about the performance potential of the products as well as possible feeding issues and concerns. 

Educational programs and workshops have also been developed and conducted.  These events have been used to provide information learned by research studies, on-farm demonstrations, and practical feeding programs. 


In southeast Iowa, over 300 producers and agribusiness representatives have participated in seven educational events designed for beef producers.  The results of these programs have been extremely positive.   Completed evaluations from the beef programs have indicated both changes in management practices as well as economic impacts due to the information presented at these workshops.  Highlights of the evaluation summary include:

April 10, 2007
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