Ethanol Co-product Use

Russ Euken, Livestock Field Specialist, Northeast Area

Problem Statement:

There has been a rapid expansion of ethanol plants in the area and the state. As a result the price of corn has increased but there is ample supply of distillers products for feed. Many livestock producers are interested in using distillers grains from ethanol plants for replacing corn and protein supplements to reduce feed costs.  In several cases the use of distillers grains in livestock diets have been blamed for affecting performance, carcass quality and other factors in a negative manner. Producers need research-based data to make decisions on the use of distillers grains.

Programmatic Response:

Four meetings were held in the area that reached 180 people. The meetings focused on research based and practical information on use of distillers. In addition a newsletter that focused solely on use of distillers grains was initiated.


180 producers received information. 57 % indicated they had used some distillers in their livestock rations and 38 % said they planned to use it in the future.  80 % indicated they would change how they were using the distillers or change to using wet or modified distillers because of the lower price.

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