ISU Extension “Wine Grower News” Newsletter Continues to Make an Impact

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Michael L. White, ISU Extension Viticulture Specialist

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136 Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute

ISU Extension “Wine Grower News” Newsletter Continues to Make an Impact

The Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute needs a timely, low cost communication tool to provide useful commercial winegrape and winemaking information to both the Iowa and surrounding Midwest winegrape industry.  This information is being used by a young industry that requires both the basic and higher level management skills needed to grow quality winegrapes and make quality wine.

What Did You Do?:  
A weekly in-season and bi-weekly out-of-season e-mail newsletter was initiated on May 10th, 2007 with approximately 500 recipients in Iowa and our six neighboring states  The newsletter, “Wine Grower News” is edited by Mike White, ISU Extension Viticulture Specialist and is archived under “Resources” on the Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute’s homepage here:

Forty issues with 412 pages of content were sent out to 1,150 recipients in 27 states, Washington DC, Norway, Canada and Australia in 2009. Subscription to this newsletter is free. New subscriptions are added each week.  Here are just some of the comments that have been received from commercial vineyard and winery owner/operators about this newsletter:

  1. Thanks for another great newsletter. Gail N., Ames, IA, 11-21-09
  2. “it is one of the best newsletters in the industry!”, Barb K., San Francisco, CA, 11-9-09
  3. Thanks so much for all the good work you do with the ISU Wine Grower News. Linda M., Lancaster, PA, 11-2-09
  4. Thanks so much.  I've already looked it over.  Great publication.  Lots of good info.  Am recommending it to my friends. Al V., Wahoo, NE, 10-29-09
  5. Your weekly newsletter is great.  I am looking forward to reading them all. Kevin F., Viborg, SD, 10-12-09
  6. Thank you for the newsletters I sure enjoy them. Harold W., Iowa City, IA 10-6-09
  7. Enjoy reading your notes every week, Greg C. Albia, IA 9-10-09
  8. My husband and I have been getting your newsletters for probably over a year.  We so enjoy the work you put into it and it’s always helpful and informative. Teresa N., Hokah, MN, 9-4-09
  9. Enjoy your newsletter, too bad you are not in Missouri. Michael A., Kansas City, MO, 9-9-09
  10. Great Newsletter, Paul O. Des Moines, IA, 9-9-09
  11. Your newsletters are very informative and fun to read. Rudy D., Parker, CO, 8-2-09
  12. I always read your news. Ted L. Dubuque, IA 7-9-09
  13. I really enjoy the news each week. It is definitely more interesting the failing Des Moines Register!!!, Bill S. Ft.Dodge, IA 4-6-09



136 Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute

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