Vineyard and Winery Management

Michael L. White, Extension Viticulture Specialist, Statewide

Iowa's  grape/wine industry has grown from two native winegrape wineries and five vineyards in 1999 to 74 native wineries and over 400+ vineyards by the end of 2009.   This industry is still in the initial growth stages.  There is still a huge need and demand for vineyard and/or winery management information to keep this industry competitive and growing.
During the 2009 Calendar year, Mike White provided the following support to Iowa's grape and wine industry:
Presented information at 28 vineyard/winery workshop/meetings with a total attendance of 1,800 people, averaging 64 attendees per meeting.
Provided 3,577+ individual client consultations primarily via meetings (45.2%), e-mails (43.6%) and telephone (9.5%).
Consulted with over 300+ vineyards and 60+ Iowa wineries.
14% (599) of the meeting and individual consultations were made to out-of-state clients
40 issues of Wine Grower News e-mail newsletter was sent to 1,150 clients in 26 states, Australia, Canada and Norway.
Provided technical and administrative support to the Iowa Grape & Wine Development Commission.
Provided technical and administrative support to the Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute
Assisted in establishing and operating the “Wine Experience” at the Iowa State Fair of which 75,000 people visited during the fair.
Provided technical advice and support to the Iowa Wine Growers Association, Western Iowa Grapes Growers Association, Upper Mississippi Grape Growers Association, Scenic Rivers Grape Growers Association, Northwest Iowa Grape Growers Association, South Dakota Grape Growers Association, North Dakota Grape Growers Association and the Minnesota Grape Growers Association.

These activities have supported Iowa's growing grape and wine industry. Approximately 212,891 gallons of native wine was sold through 74 native wineries during calendar year 2009, up from 178,414 gallons in 2008.  These 212,891 gallons accounted for approximately $11.7 million dollars in retail sales. The native Iowa winery market share of retail wine purchases in Iowa increased from 5.25 to 5.5% in calendar year 2009.  One pound of winegrapes at the typical price of 50 cents per pound delivered to a winery will produce $5.00 worth of wine at an average price of $11/bottle.  This represents a ten-fold increase in added value.
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