Successful Launch of Renewable Energy Electronic Newsletter

Don Hofstrand, Co-director, Ag Marketing Resource Center


The renewable energy industry has rapidly become a major factor influencing the future of Iowa’s agriculture sector.  According to current projections, this influence will continue to growth in coming years.


The objective is to provide objective, unbiased information and analysis of the renewable energy industry and how it impacts Iowa and Iowa agriculture.  The information will be presented at a level for use by industry participants and citizens in general. 


The activity is a monthly electronic newsletter with articles authored by Don Hofstrand, Bob Wisner and other University personnel at Iowa State University, Kansas State University, North Dakota State University and other Universities.  In addition, a web presence will be developed at the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center Web site.

Outcome Statement:

·Short-term results measure awareness and knowledge. 

The electronic newsletter and web presence was started in June of 2008.   Since that time, the following has occurred:

1)      56 article reprints, interviews and requests for quotes (list below).

2)      Bob Wisner has made 29 presentations (many international) on the topics related to renewable energy (list shown below).

3)      Visits to the Renewable Section of the AgMRC Web site has gone from 0 to 13% (250 visitors per day and 3,243 page views per day)

4)      30 unsolicited compliments have been received about the value of the newsletter.

Partial list of 1) Requests to Reprint article 2) Interviews and 3) Quotations from Articles

“Ethanol and Corn Profitability”

·       Des Moines Register

“Brazil’s Ethanol Industry”

·       CattleNetwork

 “Impact of High Corn Prices on Ethanol Profitability”

·       Ethanol Producer Magazine

“Who Profits from the Corn Ethanol Boom?”

·       Agnetic

·       AgNetwork

·       AgriPulse

·       Beef Producer magazine

·       CattleNetwork

·       CattleFax

·       Ethanol-news

·       Ethanol Producer Magazine

·       South Dakota Department of Agriculture – Office of Ag Policy

“Crude Oil and Soybean Price Comparisons”

·       Biodiesel Magazine

“Ethanol Usage Projections and Corn Balance Sheet”

·       Ethanol Producer Magazine

“Impact on Corn Market if Ethanol Expansion Stops”

·       Ethanol Producer Magazine

Radio/TV  Interviews

·       4 interviews with WOI

·       2 interviews with WHO

·       Yankton, S.D. radio station

·       KCRG-TV9 – Cedar Rapids

·       KLON/KGIN-TV10-11-Lincoln/Grand Island Nebraska

·       Minnesota Public Radio

Quote Requests and Interviews/Referenced by

·       AgOnline

·       AgriView

·       Beef Producer

·       BioFuels Journal

·       Bloomberg Business News Wire Services

·       Cedar Rapids Gazette

·       Commodity Online

·       Corn and Soybean Digest

·       Des Moines Register

·       Dow Jones Newswires

·       DTN Ethanol/The Progressive Farmer

·       DuPont

·       The Economist Magazine

·       EHedger LLC

·       Farm Futures

·       FarmGate – University of Illinois

·       Iowa City Newspaper

·       Iowa Farm Bureau

·       Iowa Soybean Review

·       ISU Daily (2)

·       Moline Illinois Newspaper

·       North Dakota State University

·       Reuter News Wire Service

·       San Francisco Chronicle

·       Senator Annette Dubas

·       Sioux City Journal

·       Top Managers

·       University of Illinois – Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research

·       Virginia Tech

·       Wallaces Farmer

Bob Wisner Presentations on Renewable Energy and the Impact on Agriculture Sector

1)      Speaker at a major Japan feed and grain conference

2)      Presentation at the Annual Colorado Farm Show

3)      Discussant at the annual 25 X 25 Renewable Fuels Conference in Omaha, Nebraska

4)      Key speakers at a Chicago Mercantile Exchange Live Conference and Webinar

5)      Presentation to the Grain and Livestock Advisory Committee of the National Corn Growers Association.

6)      Presentation at the Annual Master Farmers Award Meeting sponsored by Wallaces Farmer Magazine.

7)      Presentation to the Northwest Iowa Farm Business Association

8)      Presentation at an Iowa State Bar Association attorneys’ conference in Des Moines.  

9)      Wrote a 9-page article for the Tokyo Agro-Forum, discussing U.S. and global trends in the biofuels industry

10)     Presentation on biofuels trends and implications for agriculture to state-wide Iowa Farm Business Association conference.

11)     Presentation to the Board of Directors of the National Pork Producers’ Council

12)     Presentation at the Annual Advisory Committee Meeting of the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) in Chicago

13)     White House staff, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Council of Economic Advisors, members of the Federal Reserve Board, and Commodity Futures Trading Commission

14)     Senator Harkin, and his staff

15)     Chair of the House Agriculture Committee 

16)     Senator Dick Durban and his staff

17)     Congressman Peterson and his staff

18)     Senator Lugar and his staff

19)     Senator Charles Grassley and his staff 

20)     The Senator Obama agricultural staff

21)     The Senator McCain agricultural staff.

22)     Served on an Advisory Board of the Bank for Cooperatives (Co-Bank)

23)     Reported at the AgMRC Advisory Board meeting

24)     Discussant at a conference titled “Science, Technology, America, and the Global Economy -- Global Energy Initiative”

25)     Presentation at the Second Annual International Corn Conference in Dalian, China.

26)     Presentation at the annual meeting of the Central Iowa Farm Business Association.

27)     From September through March, Wisner has spoken each month to a Feed Availability and Advisory Committee of the National Pork Producers Council.  

28)     Presentation to corn and soybean conference in Wall Lake, Iowa sponsored by the Iowa Corn Growers Association and ISU Extension.  

29)     Presentation in Tokyo, Japan


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