Farmland Leasing Statewide Effort

Craig Chase, Tim Eggers, Ron Hook, Jim Jensen, Steve Johnson, Kelvin Leibold, Robert Tigner, Bob Wells - Field Specialists-Farm Management (statewide)

Problem Statement: 

Many factors have increased the need of both landlords and tenants for current information related to leasing farmland.  The demand for information on land values and farmland issues is continually increasing as the number of owner operators declines.  The average age of farmland owners has increased to the point that nearly one-half of Iowa farmland is owned by people over 65 years old.  Almost one of every five acres in Iowa is owned by a non-resident of Iowa.   

The increase in grain prices resulting from increased grain usage to produce bio-fuels caused many tenants and landlords to question the terms of leasing arrangements for 2009.  Current information about alternatives to cash rent leases was needed by both tenants and landlords as they determined terms for 2009 farmland leases.

Programmatic Response: 

Farm Management Specialists conducted farmland leasing meetings statewide during the summer of 2008.  These meetings provided information regarding factors impacting land values, factors impacting land values, cash rental rates, trends in farmland ownership.    

Outcome Statement

There were 58 farmland leasing meetings held throughout Iowa during the summer of 2008 attended by 2560 people.  A survey of the participants was conducted with the following results:

·       Participants were asked about their knowledge of various aspects of leasing covered in the workshop before and after the program:


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