Annie’s Project

Neil M. Wubben, Mitchell County CEED


The Mitchell County “Women, Land and Legacy” group asked about programs to help them learn more about the business and management of farm operations and properties.  This organization has been very instrumental in bringing agriculture business programs to the farm women of Mitchell County.


I contacted Robert Tigner to determine the process for implementing “Annie’s Project’ in Mitchell County.  Robert took the lead in securing speakers for each session and I secured funding from the local banks to cover the program cost as well as provide ‘scholarships’ to those women that attend all six sessions of ‘Annie’s Project.’  Total financial support came to $1,600. 


Twenty-four women attended the program with twenty-two attending all six sessions.  The attendees reported the program to be very useful and timely.  Many commented on the ease of understanding the material and appreciated the involvement of women presenters.  Several shared how the information presented made it easier for them to discuss farm business issues with their spouse.


120 – Farm and Business Management  

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