Annie’s Project Program

Leroy Jensen, Wright County Extension Education Director, Central Area

Problem Statement:

With many farm women having an off the farm occupation, they may not be involved in the daily business and operation of the farming or may not have a good understanding of management and business of the farm.  Where to obtain current farming information, budgets, operation expenses, household guidelines, estate planning, agriculture terms, agriculture government information, and other daily farming information is a concern for todays farm women that are involved in agriculture.

Programmatic Response: 

A farm wife approached me regarding offering Annies Project in Wright County.  After conferring with Kelvin Leibold, ISUE Farm Management F S, local sponsors were obtained for the program.  Due to low numbers and time of the year (Jan-Feb) there were not enough to offer the class.  A follow up of those enrolled indicated the need to pursue the six-week program to be offered June and July of 2007.   Sponsors were contacted again to obtain their interest in the program.  Some of the sponsors gave a straight out donation and some of the financial institutions contributed by paying for their clients to attend the program.  Through news releases, radio, and direct mailing 18 women enrolled in the six-week program that was held in Eagle Grove at the high school computer room. 


Eighteen women completed the six weeks course and their class evaluations indicated very positive remarks for the program.   Twelve of the participates indicated that they were surprised by the amount of information available on the internet.  Comments related to Extension were this is good outlet with our Iowa Ext. agency; I never knew that the Extension could provide so much information; and Also, will use the Extension services more.  Many of the women indicated that they never knew there was some much involved in farming and the knowledge that farmers needed.  They enjoyed all of the information provided and now there is a need to put it into practice. 

This program added to more/better communication between husband and wife.  Comments were that it opened up some topics of conversation with my husband; my husband has an extreme knowledge of farming I already knew this, but didnt realize how much knowledge he had and how much he has shared with me already; and discussed what I learned with my husband. He was impressed.   Overall this program provided farming knowledge and resources of where to obtain more information.  Putting the knowledge and information into practice was expressed by many.  Some of the topics sparked interest and questions and therefore, suggestions were made to have another program with further information on a specific topic.

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