Energy Agriculture Newsletter Articles

Don Hofstrand, Extension Value-Added Agricultural Specialist, Co-director Ag Marketing Resource Center, Northeast Area

Problem Statement:

With the advent of the bio-fuels industry, the structure of Midwestern and Iowa agriculture is changing rapidly.  Although considerable information and research exists about many of these issues, it is not packaged in a clear and concise way for consumption by the public and decision makers. 

Programmatic Response:

In March of 2007 I started writing a monthly newsletter article on energy agriculture for the Ag Decision Maker newsletter.  Each month addresses an important issue that is being discussed and debated in the news media and the agricultural industry.


To date, six articles have appeared in the Ag Decision Maker newsletter.  They are as follows:

    1. Energy Agriculture Corn Ethanol
    2. Energy Agriculture Beyond Corn Ethanol
    3. Energy Agriculture Who will Own It?
    4. Energy Agriculture Brazilian Ethanol
    5. Energy Agriculture Ethanol Energy Balance
    6. Energy Agriculture Carbon Farming

These articles have been downloaded (either as PDF or HTML) an estimated total of 6,400 times.  I have received many email messages from individuals and organization about the articles many of them wanting more information.  Although AgDM does not ask that magazines and other publications report to us if they re-print the articles, we are aware that these articles are showing up in other agricultural publications.

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