Ag Decision Maker

Don Hofstrand, Extension Value-Added Agriculture Specialist, Northeast Area

Problem Statement: 

Providing relevant and timely information to farmers and agribusinesses is important for informed decision making.  The internet provides a platform for timely and widely distributed information for decision making.

Programmatic Response:

Ag Decision Maker is a subject matter development and delivery mechanism for providing timely and relevant information to agricultural decision makers.  We have continued to expand the amount of agricultural business subject matter on Ag Decision Maker.  101 new subject matter files were added or updated this year. 

During the past year, Ag Decision Maker became the primary web outreach mechanism for legal and tax materials developed by Roger McEowen.  Roger prepared 92 current legal issues files over the last year.

Also, we substantially increased the amount of farmland leasing materials posted on the site to meet the needs of landlords and tenants during the current lease negotiation period.


The 2006/07 year has been another banner year for Ag Decision Maker.  During the past 12 months, the usage of Ag Decision Maker has increased substantially.  Below are the usage figures for July of 2007 and a comparison with July of 2006.  

    1. Average of 3,465 visitors to the Web site per day, up 81 percent from a year ago.
    2. Users spend an average of 755 hours on the Web site every day, up 123 percent.
    3. Average of 139 users simultaneously on the Web site at any point in time during working hours, up 111 percent.
    4. 7,524 users visited the site more than once during the month (repeat users), up 65 percent.
    5.  Repeat users visited the site an average of 10 times during the month.
    6. During the past year we have instituted an option for users to purchase the Web site on a CD.  1,200 CDs have been sold during the past year.
    7. We have instituted a new information delivery method on the site.  Voiced-media provides an audio/visual presentation of selected subject matter topics.

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