Dairy Specialist Responds to Dairy Profit Concerns

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Dairy Specialist Responds to Dairy Profit Concerns

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Larry Tranel, Dairy Field Specialist, SE Iowa
14858 West Ridge Lane
Dubuque, IA 52003    563-583-6496, tranel@iastate.edu

Desired Changes
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Learning – to learn how to financially analyze their dairy farm business and to teach various production techniques to improve milk quality and efficiency of feed, labor and facilities.
Actions – to do financial analysis and to make profitable changes to improve milk quality and efficiency of feed, labor and facilities
Conditions – to survive unprofitable economic conditions through astute use of financial analysis and efficient use of feed, labor and facility resources

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Low milk prices and high feed prices in 2009 combined to give losses on the average dairy between $500 - $1,000 per cow causing both negative cash flows and losses of equity position.  Dairy producers needed to fine-tune their financial and production management or risk going out of business.

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The ISU Dairy Team initiated meetings around the state on the Dairy Financial Crisis and also presented the issue at 7 Dairy Days. Follow-up farm visits were done to help 55 struggling producers survive the current financial crisis by better managing their herd, their facilities and their finances. 

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Surveys show actions taken profited $217/cow; $45/acre; or $90,000/ farm. Milk production increased 9 lbs/cow/day; 250,000 lbs/FTE/yr; 2,167 lbs/cow/yr; SCC’s decreased 145,865 cow; feed costs decreased $.70/cow/day or $.50/cwt. for  total impact of $1,182,191 for the 36 surveyed.

Public Value (now or future) (Maximum 150 characters)
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Each dairy cow generates $17,000 of economic activity per year in local communities.  Maintaining equity and cash flow during unprofitable times is crucial to rural jobs.


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Helping Rural Iowans Prosper
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Climate Change
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Food Safety
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