Using Adobe Connect to Connect with Dairy Producers

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Larry Tranel, Extension Dairy Field Specialist

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110 Dairy

Using Adobe Connect to Connect with Dairy Producers

Problem Statement:
Not all dairy producers have time to come to meetings.  Yet, ISU Extension has vital research results and information to improve dairy farm profitability.  Convenient access to this information is critical for producers to remain competitive.

Programmatic Response: 
From 2007 through 2009, ISU dairy extension programming experimented using Adobe Connect, a web conferencing system, to communicate with dairy producers.  The first online session,  Building a Low Cost TRANS Iowa Parlor, received 2,079 visits with 650 viewers watching the 41-minute presentation.  The goal for learning was for dairy producers to understand that by “using a low cost but highly efficient approach, they can milk cows in a very comfortable, safe and labor efficient way.”  The URL is  Since 2007, e-mail or phone follow-up contacts have revealed at least 12 TRANS Iowa Milking Parlors were built as a result of the knowledge gained from the online presentation. 

Seeing the success of this online method of delivery, a second Adobe Connect presentation, Beginning Dairy Grazing, was developed with a visual teaching tour on the basics of dairy grazing.  From October 1, 2009 through December 1, 2009, the presentation had 367 visits with 160 viewers watching the 21-minute presentation.  The URL is

Other presentations that are being developed include:

  1. Managing Dairy Farm Finances, 25 slides, 25 minutes, 182 hits, 25 views to completion.


  1. Dairy Goat Financial Study, 2007-08 (WI data), 19 slides, 9 minutes, 8 hits, 1 view to completion. Url:
  2. Managing Feed Cost Benchmarks,  14 slides, 13 minutes, 16 hits.  Url:
  3. Using Dairy Goat (Sheep) TRANS to Increase Profit Performance, 30 slides, 21 minutes, 52 hits, 19 views to completion.  Url:
  4. Using Dairy TRANS 4.4 for Profit Performance, 35 slides, 28 minutes, 26 hits, 6 views to completion. Url:
What Do You Tell the Kids in Tough Times, 18 slides, 17 minutes, 80 hits, 19 views to completion. Url:

Outcome Statement:  
Initially viewers of the Adobe Connect dairy presentations were not surveyed as to their preference for an online delivery format.    However, this form of learning appears to be successful based on the number of viewers accessing the two presentations.  An additional resource to the online presentations is an ISU Extension dairy team webpage  Personal interviews by Extension specialists with users of both these online learning modules and the printed materials available on the dairy team website have been rated as good to great for 1) assisting dairy farm profitability and 2) learning a new way managing or building a facility.  Since 2007, e-mail or phone follow-up contacts have revealed at least 12 TRANS Iowa Milking Parlors were built from the knowledge gained through the Adobe Connect presentations.


110 Dairy

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