Interdisciplinary Approach Used for Dairy Women Peer Group

Chris Mondak, Dairy Field Specialist and Jan Burk, Family Resource Management, Northwest Area

Problem Statement:

The NW Iowa Dairywomen Peer Group, coordinated by ISUE Field Staff since 2001, offers networking and learning opportunities to dairywomen in NW Iowa.  The group has evolved into a discussion group that meets 4 times annually to focus on topics that the group selects in an informal needs/interest identification meeting in Fall.  In Fall 07, the group identified a need to learn more about matters for personal/farm business financial management, and requested Jan Burk to present information about credit management and identity theft awareness. Many dairywomen “wear two hats” as they participate in dairy herd management as well as farm business and family business financial records and management.  The challenges of their dual roles are reflected in the range of topics they choose each year.

Programmatic Response:

In Nov 08, Jan Burk, ISUE Family Resource Management Specialist, collaborated with local ISUE Dairy Field specialist to prepare a program for the Dairywomen.  To enhance the learning discussion, and to measure the educational impact of the presentation/discussion, the 2 field specialists prepared a brief pre- and post- quiz questions to incorporate into Turning Point technology (“Clickers”).

The Pre-quiz questions stimulated discussion and interest before the presentation started.  The audience remained engaged during the powerpoint as demonstrated by frequent questions about the information presented, and related topics.  In the Post-quiz questions served to review key points as well as test change in knowledge level within the group as a whole as result of the presentation and discussion.

Outcome Statement:  

The results generated by the Turning Point technology showed that knowledge level about the financial management topic presented improved as a result of the presentation and discussion session.  There was an improvement in correct answers on 80% of the questions, and half of these questions received 100% correct answers in the post quiz. On 20% of the quiz questions there was no change between pre-post results.  Field Specialists’ observations about the methods used in this educational program:  While pre-post evaluation strategies do not require Turning Point technology, the Field Specialists observed that the novelty of the “Clicker” strategy seemed to engage the audience immediately in the activity, and the pre-quiz questions generated intellectual interest in the topic prior to the presentation.  The immediacy of the quiz question results was interesting to presenters and audience members alike. This first-time use of Turning Point technology was well-received by the Dairywomen group, and the effectiveness of the presentation/discussion session resulted not only in increased knowledge, but also in increased knowledge of financial management: The group ended the day by selecting additional financial management topic to pursue in 2009.


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