Agricultural Lenders Education

Larry Tranel, Field Specialist-Dairy and Dubuque County Director, Northeast Area

Issue or Problem

Livestock producers making transitions depend on their agricultural lender for financial assistance and risk assessment in order to allow their farm businesses to grow, expand or just stay competitive.  Agricultural lender education is of utmost importance to increase their understanding of the changes in price, policy and production protocol of livestock and grain producers in order to make effective loan assessments for individual farmers. 

Extension Response

This field specialist has organized this Tri-State Lenders Seminar for the past 18 years to help assist NE Iowa agricultural lenders in making better ag loan decisions by increasing their understanding on prices, policy and production protocol.  This increased understanding has also led to increased cooperation between lenders and Extension in solving problems and seizing transition or expansion opportunities.  The Tri-State Lenders Seminar also assisted in a cooperative use of resources for NE Iowa, SW Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, especially in the dairy arena.


The Tri-State Lenders Seminar attracted 87 agricultural lenders, financial consultants, media and extension personnel.  When asked what level their knowledge was increased from 0-10 with 10 being a great increase, the following increases in knowledge were achieved:

                                                                        Level of Knowledge Increase

1. Dairy Marketing and Risk Management Update                  +7.39

2. Transitioning the Family Farm                                      +5.67

        by Joy Kirkpatrick

3. Milking Systems from Low Cost Parlors to Robotics          +7.51

by Larry Tranel

4. Livestock Marketing and Risk Management Update             +6.14

        by Dr. Brenda Boetel

5. The Dupont System                                                  +6.65  

6. Grain Marketing and Risk Management Update                 +6.74

        by Robert Tigner

7.  When asked if this conference been of high value for you?

       Yes = 88%; OK = 4%;  No = 8%

8. What did you like best about the conference:
Good to hear a yearly view for all farm markets; Larry Tranel and Joy Kirtpatrick; Milking Systems; Cropp, Bernhardt, Tranel, Tigner; Good location and topics; Dairy Marketing and Grain Marketing; Quality of speakers, good balance between lifetouch/dairy/grain; Good Speakers; Broader range of topics compared to other outlook seminars.  Good speakers. Milking systems and grain marketing need more time; Being able to network with other lenders from the area; Good updates; The DuPont System & Milking Systems.  Also a good variety of information; Speakers on market prices; Statistics; Dr. Cropps new format; Good meeting area.  Speakers knowledge; Fast pace and broad range of topics.  Excellent power point on the family farm.  Excellent power point on milking systems.  DuPont system set in short time frame. Larry Tranels slides--The best!!  Would like to see an hour or two on different setups.; Dairy info; Milking Systems and networking; Market outlook presentations; Milking systems not enough time spent on this; Timely updates on current dairy ag trends; Future outlook of commodities (corn, sb, cattle, milk); DuPont Analysis and Dairy outlook; Forecast of future; DuPont/Family Farm Transition; Upbeat pace, topics covered; Always enjoy getting an overview of the areas and to talk to other lenders.  Milking system, very good visuals; Bob Cropp forecast.  Good update yearly.  Good to meet with other lenders. Market analysis presentations; Price projections; Good location and variety of topics; Dairy market outlook specific to the point and price outlook is given what we came to hear.  Family Farm should have given specifics.  Ask questions as a starting point; Milking Systems show more cost/examples of low cost parlors.  Highly sought from clients; Livestock Marketing and Risk Management give a price outlook. Grain Marketing and Risk management; Not too much time invested to get large overview of all of agriculture

Future Needs The lenders asked that this seminar continue on an annual basis as it is a great source of updates for them.

110 Dairy

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