Development and Distribution of an Integrated Pest Management Curriculum to Secondary and Post-secondary Agricultural Educators

Adam Sisson, Program Assistant; Daren Mueller, Interim Director of the Corn and Soybean Initiative and Director of the Integrated Pest Management Program; and Clarke McGrath,
Partner Program Manager for the Corn and Soybean Initiative

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102 - Crop Protection

Development and distribution of an integrated pest management curriculum to secondary and post-secondary agricultural educators

A dramatic shift in attitude towards pesticide use on row crops in recent years is cause for environmental, human health and economic concern. Currently, the perceived importance of integrated pest management (IPM) principles is declining, making efforts to educate both the current and next generation of growers and agronomists, as well as the general public, increasingly important.

The goal of this project is to increase the foundation of IPM knowledge among corn and soybean growers and agronomists.

A 14-part IPM curriculum covering a variety of topics was developed at ISU. Topics include an IPM introduction, the basics of scouting, corn and soybean growth and development, introductions to plant pathology, insects, and weed science, pesticide resistance, and others. These curriculum presentations were included on a disc with a Crop Advisor Institute learning module titled “Scouting Fields” and many publications as PDFs. Hard copies of two Iowa State University Field Guides were also included with the curriculum and other materials when they were distributed to over 230 agricultural educators throughout Iowa. These materials provided agricultural educators with a resource to use in their classrooms for teaching IPM of corn and soybean. We hope that educators will also use the materials to help prepare students for the 2011 Crop Scouting competitions which will take place in Iowa in July and August.

Outcome Statement:   
This mailing equipped agricultural educators with an IPM curriculum and other materials to teach IPM in their secondary and post-secondary classrooms. This will hopefully result in an increase of IPM knowledge among future corn and soybean growers.

Responses to the mailing included the following:

“Your material that you sent us is awesome. I teach the crop scouting class here at DMACC and your material is exactly what a person needs to teach this class effectively.  This will be the third year that I have taught this class and I can see it be the most informative time that I have taught it, where all the materials are all in one place.

Thanks again for the teaching material.”

Daniel Wilson
Adjunct Professor

 “Thank you for the IPM package.  That is great and will really help with my unit.  It should make it more interesting to the students which in turn should help make them find this area interesting.  Thanks again.”

Mike Adams
Howard-Winn HS

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