Dealer meeting aids in pest management decisions

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Virgil Schmitt, Extension Field Agronomist

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102 Crop protection

Dealer meeting aids in pest management decisions

The 2010 crops season was partially defined, from a pest management perspective, as a year with extreme pressure from soybean sudden death syndrome and a year when weed pressure and damage from late (off-label) applications of herbicides caused damage in many corn fields.  Producers need to take action to minimize the losses that may occur if the problems repeat.

What Did You Do?
A field day was held, sponsored by a seed dealer, to educate customers on how to minimize future losses (as well as promote the dealer’s seed).  Strategies for seed selection and other management options for soybean sudden death syndrome were discussed as were strategies for minimizing the “need” to make late, off-label herbicide applications.

The dealer reported the attendance was the largest ever for his field day.

Producers indicated that they were better able to examine soybean variety demonstration plots and assess how early and how hard the variety was damaged by soybean sudden death syndrome; genetic selection is currently the foundation for soybean sudden death syndrome management.

Producers also indicated that they understood that having post-emergence weed management in corn as the major weed management strategy for corn carries the danger of not being able to manage weeds timely if the weather does not cooperate.  They indicated that they plan to use early season, soil-applied weed management as their primary strategy and use post-emergence applications for any needed rescue if the earlier applications fail.  This minimizes the losses due to weed competition or herbicide injury if the weather does not permit a timely post-emergence herbicide application.


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