On-farm Visits Generate Profits

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Virgil Schmitt, Extension Field Agronomist

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101 Corn and soybean production.

On-farm Visits Generate Profits

From time to time during the growing season, producers, dealers, and private consultants encounter situations in the field that either baffle them or cause disagreement among the parties involved.  Accurate diagnosis allows the producer to make any possible needed changes to optimize production in the future.

What Did You Do?
Forty-three on-site visits were performed during 2010, with one-third requested by Corn & Soybean Initiative Partners, nearly one-third requested by other dealers, and just over one-third requested directly by producers.

Follow-up evaluations sent to producers and dealers indicate they were all either satisfied or very satisfied with the promptness and usefulness of the information they received.  All indicated the information was up-to-date and communicated effectively. 

Producers estimated an average increase in profitability by utilizing the information received during the visit to be slightly over $21 per acre; the average size farm was approximately 660 acres, creating a value of nearly $13,900 per visit, which is nearly $596,000 for all visits combined.

Dealers indicated an average value of the visit of $45 per acre, which is over double the value perceived by producers, and generates a total value of over $1,277,000.


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