Nutrient Management Workshop for Forage Producers

Name and Position/Title:
Aaron Saeugling and Mark Carlton, Extension Field Agronomists

Fiscal Year Submitted:

POW Title and Number:
103 - Forages, small grains, and new opportunities

Nutrient Management Workshop for Forage Producers

Issue (Who cares and why):
Forage acres in Southwest Iowa continue to decline in Iowa due to high corn and soybean prices.  With less acres in forage production conservation practices and forage yield needs to be better understood to improve the environment and profitability for forage producers.  The need for increased profitability allows producers to continue managing soil conservation with crop rotations. 

What Did You Do? (Outputs – these may include educational meetings, demonstrations or research, media, facilitating, partnering)
Mark Carlton and Aaron Saeugling held a nutrient management workshop for forage producers in Montgomery County.  This educational workshop demonstrated how to read a soil sample and make management decision based on university recommendations.  This workshop caused farmers to understand the implications of applying excessive fertilizer and only apply what the crop needs.  This workshop identified how important crop rotation was for soil erosion management. 

Results (Outcomes – was there a increase in knowledge, new skills learned, new decisions made, new practices implemented, increased profitability, new standards, enhanced quality of life)
Farmers attending the meeting adopted new lower fertilizer recommendations for forage production.  Twenty farmers adopted the Iowa State Universities soil test recommendations.  These growers will base fertilizer recommendations on the information supplied to make responsible fertilizer application to soils sensitive to erosion factors.  Farmers in attendance also realized the value of maintain crop rotation for soil erosion and farm profitability. 

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