Revision and Reformatting of the Publication Nutrient Deficiencies and Application Injuries in Field Crops

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John Sawyer, Extension Soil Fertility Specialist, Agronomy
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100  Corn and Soybean Production
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Revision and Reformatting of the Publication Nutrient Deficiencies and Application Injuries in Field Crops
Accurate diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies in growing crops is critical for producers to understand potential soil deficiency and other factors that may limit nutrient uptake and crop growth. As a component of crop scouting, visual recognition of deficiency and application error symptoms aids in determination of appropriate remedial action, and avoids potential costly incorrect applications. Efficient nutrient use and appropriate fertilization practices are important for producers to achieve profitable crop yields and high economic return from nutrient investments.
Redesigning and updating Extension publication IPM 42, Nutrient Deficiencies and Application Injuries in Field Crops provides producers with a valuable tool as a guide in recognizing nutrient deficiencies in growing crops. New photographs of nutrient deficiency symptoms, with accompanying descriptions were added, specifically for sulfur deficiency, which is a newly recognized problem in Iowa corn and alfalfa production fields. Research efforts in the past few years provided access to photographs of these deficiency symptoms specifically from Iowa field situations.
A new publication was designed with new research Information and photographs for sulfur deficiency.  Visual identification of sulfur deficiency symptoms in growing crops is an important method for determination of sulfur fertilization need. The overall publication received an updated format that provides a better flow of information for the reader, and photographs showing each crop and nutrient.
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The publication was printed in hard copy with high quality paper and photograph resolution, and also made available online as a PDF document. It is distributed through the Extension Store and the Agronomy Extension Soil Fertility web site. The publication is used extensively as a resource in Extension education programs, such as the Soil Fertility Workshop and Crop Scouting education programs. Appropriate diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies and application injuries increases the short-term economic return from nutrient management in Iowa agronomic crops helps producers achieve long-term positive soil and environmental outcomes derived from fertilizer use in cropping systems.
100  Corn and Soybean Productio


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