August 9, 2010 Hail Storm Disaster Response

Name and Title:
Mark Licht, Field Specialist/Crops;
Jerry Chizek, Regional Extension Education Director;
Tom Duncan, Program Coordinator for Carroll, Sac and Calhoun Counties

Fiscal Year Submitted:
FY 10

POW Title and Number: 
100 – Corn and Soybean Production and Protection

Title:  August 9, 2010 Hail Storm Disaster Response

August 9, 2009 there was a major thunderstorm that produced golf ball size hail. This hail combined with high winds devastated corn and soybean field from Battle Creek to Eldora. Crop and livestock farmers, agriculture lenders, feed suppliers and grain elevators had a vested interest in the both the immediate and sustained response of Iowa State University Extension.

What Did You Do?:
In response, a meeting was held near Yetter and Wall Lake to address the immediate impact of the hail and how to move forward. Those meetings were followed up with a meeting in Wall Lake and Calendar that addressed grain quality and feed value issues. Additionally, the hail response was sustained by the initiation of a project to collect hail damaged ears to determine molds and mycotoxins present in relation to the extent of ear damage. More than 35 ear samples were collected in Sac and Calhoun counties alone.

This effort drew more than 100 people to attend immediate hail response meetings, more than 120 people to attend grain quality/feed value meetings, and more than 35 fields where damaged corn ears were collected in Sac and Calhoun counties.

One meeting participant commented, “because of the information presented I sold corn at harvest. If corn had gone out of condition by keeping it after harvest 20,000 bushels would have been docked $0.30 per bushel.”


100 – Corn and Soybean Production and Protection


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