Revealing the Best Kept Secret in Northeast Iowa

Brian Lang, Field Agronomist, Northeast

Problem Statement:

The Northeast ISU Research and Demonstration Farm near Nashua is part of the outlying farm network of the Iowa Agriculture Experiment Station.  Many agricultural professionals are unaware of the farm, its research activities, and/or the easy accessibility of the farm’s research and demonstration information.

Programmatic Response: 

One effort designed to increase the exposure of the farm to agricultural professional in northeast Iowa was to offer Ag Professional Tours.  The two special invitation programs offered annually, one in June and one in July, are specific for crop consultants, and seed, fertilizer, and pesticide dealers in northeast Iowa.  This group is generally the first point-of-contact for agricultural producers, but also in direct contact with mid-level management of their associated agribusinesses.


At the Ag Professional Tour, the ISU Field Agronomist and Research Farm Superintendent present cutting edge agronomic practices supported by research conducted on the farm.  As one client said, “you not only explain to us what is working, but you provide evidence as to why it is working”.

This program also provides the Farm Superintendent with contacts that may lead to supporting additional research on the farm.  Since this is an Association Farm, it is designed for area producers and agribusiness to suggest local problems that need to be researched.  At these programs the ag professionals see results in action.  This encourages support for new research.

The Iowa Agriculture Experiment Station also publishes research results in annual reports.  The ag professionals at this program are provided these reports, and are also encouraged to visit the ISU Research and Demonstration Farm’s homepage to access additional information.

Utilizing this existing network of agribusiness professionals provides a multiplier effect with producers, which is a very effective strategy to leverage limited ISU Extension resources.  It also develops a closer working relationship, focusing both public and private resources on agronomic issues in northeast Iowa.


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