Still a Need for Unbiased Trouble-Shooting of Crop Situations

Brian Lang, Field Agronomist, Northeast

Problem Statement:

We like to think that in this day and age of market competitiveness that Agricultural Providers will always do what is in the best interest of their clients.  However situations still exist where the farmer client has to seek out a third party to get a fair assessment on some crop management problems.  Such a case occurred this summer on a farm in northeast Iowa where the farmer had questions about possible crop injury following a herbicide application conducted by the local agricultural provider.

Programmatic Response: 

Approximately two weeks following the herbicide application, the farmer was concerned about possible herbicide injury to his crop.  The agricultural provider contacted the chemical manufacturer representative and both met with the farmer, looked at the crop, and assured the farmer that the chemical applied was not the problem.  Assuming the problem was not cause by the herbicide, the farmer wanted to know what caused the problem in order to avoid the situation in the future.  He called ISU Extension, and the Extension Agronomist was able to meet with the farmer a few days later to examine the situation.  The Extension Agronomist immediately identified the problem as being caused by the herbicide application.  He informed the farmer to re-invite the local agricultural provider and chemical representative back out to the field and have another talk with them, informing them of the Extension Agronomist’s opinion.


About one week later, the Extension Agronomist received an email from the farmer as follows:  “I wanted to once again thank you for stopping and checking our fields.  After talking to you, the local coop had the chemical rep come back and acknowledge the herbicide damage which you had identified.  We weren’t getting any answers before.  Thanks again for sharing your time and expertise.”


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