Persons Who Attend Successive Crop Advantage Series Meetings Report a Change in Crop Input Decision Behaviors

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Paul Kassel, Field Agronomist

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100 Corn and Soybean Production and Protection

Persons Who Attend Successive Crop Advantage Series Meetings Report A Change In Crop Input Decision Behaviors

The impact of educational efforts by Iowa State University is sometimes difficult to evaluate.  A survey instrument was designed by Sorrel Brown that evaluated the effect of attendance at previous CAS meetings on crop management decisions by farmers.

What Did You Do?  
Thirteen persons who attended the January 19, 2010 Crop Advantage Series meeting in Storm Lake and had attended a CAS meeting in 2009 were selected to completed a survey that asked about soybean aphid treatment decisions, and soil fertility management.

Twelve of the 13 survey respondents reported that they use the currently Extension recommended soybean aphid threshold of ‘250 aphids/plant and the aphid population is increasing.’  All 13 scouted their fields for soybean aphids before insecticide application.

Twelve of the 13 also reported that they did not mix an insecticide with their last herbicide application, again based on an Extension recommendation.  These respondents cited the reasons as ‘aphids were not at thresholds,’ and ‘beneficial insects would have been destroyed.’

Questions were also asked about nitrogen management.  Eleven of the 13 respondents said they decided to apply a specific nitrogen rate to corn for the 2009 growing season based the range of rates recommended for the maximum return to nitrogen (MRTN) to corn.

This survey of repeat CAS customers shows that knowledge has increased as a result of attending Crop Advantage Series meetings.  There may be a need for more education on nitrogen management as some respondents did not understand MRTN.


100 Corn and Soybean Production and Protection


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