Crop Advantage Series Improves Profits

Virgil Schmitt, Extension Field Agronomist, Southeast

Problem Statement: 

Crop producers are living in an era where the markets are telling them to change their cropping patterns to include more corn.  Profitability hinges on excellent management utilizing the most current unbiased research to evaluate and implement, if appropriate, new techniques and technologies. 

Programmatic Response: 

Iowa State University conducted a series of producer-oriented meetings called “Crop Advantage.”  One of those meetings was held in Burlington in southeast Iowa in partnership with a seed company, an agricultural supplier, and a commodity organization.  Three hundred early-adapter producers attended, average size of operation represented by the producers being approximately 1,300 acres.


Ninety-seven per cent of the attendees returning the evaluation rated the program as good or excellent.  On the average, attendees thought the information from the program would improve their profits by $9.34 per acre, suggesting an average program value of over $12,000 per farm for a total value of approximately $3, 643,000.


101 – Corn and Soybean Production

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