Crop Advantage Series Garners Clientele Value

Mark Licht, Crops Field Specialist, Northwest Area

Problem Statement:

Crop producers desire information on crop production that includes production, protection and marketing topics. Often these same producers question the bias of industry based information. Additionally, new pest problems develop or technology changes each year making it necessary to continually seek out current information from unbiased, trustworthy sources.

Programmatic Response:

The statewide Crop Advantage Series has become the one stop, unbiased information shop for many area crop producers. One of the locations is held in Carroll, Iowa. In January 2009, 156 individuals attended, of which approximately 44% under 45 years of age based on post-meeting evaluations.


Attendance at the Carroll location has dramatically increased since 2007 with an increase of 53 participants from 2007 to 2009. Ninety-two percent of the participants rated the meeting good to excellent and 65% of participants where crop producers.

Participants were asked how much, per acre, they estimate to improve profits utilizing information that was presented today. Seventeen indicated $0 - $5, 26 indicated $ - $10, 5 indicated $10 - $20, and 2 indicated greater than $20. Total acres represented were 52,345.

Crop producers in west central Iowa need to be kept up-to-date on crop production and protection information. This conference has become a trustworthy source of unbiased research-based information for decision making.


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